Sunday, September 12, 2010

Crusin' Model-A Style

My Dad has a restored Ford Model-A that my boys LOVE! Every morning after we drop Georgie off at school, Jack asks to go to Papa's house so he can ride in the Model-A, which he sometimes refers to as "the big jeep." We usually go for a ride about once a week, and I wish I knew how to get video uploaded on the blog, because it is the funniest thing seeing these two in that car. Daniel sits in the back and makes "car noises" with his mouth the entire time we ride. Jack loves to blow the horn. I love riding in this car too because it is such a refreshing feeling to see EVERYBODY smile at you or wave when you pass them! That is like the good-ole-days, I guess?? Papa is having the seats recovered at the moment, so they boys are having Model-A withdrawals! They are ready for their next ride, Papa!

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Robin said...

YAY!!!! Another Alabama Blogger!

Your children are absolutely precious!!!

Thank you so much for your super-sweet comment on my daughter's post! I hope you stop by again soon!


aka: Alabama Slacker Mama