Tuesday, January 29, 2013

Championship Trip

 We were so lucky to get a chance to travel to Miami for the 2012 BCS Championship game a few weeks ago to see Bama take on Notre Dame.  Michael and I tagged along with Mom and Dad and the Tori met us a few days later to cheer on the Tide.
We flew into Fort Myers rather than directly into Miami.  We rented a car and drove straight through the Everglades on our way.  It was definitely something I am so glad I can say I have seen and experienced.  On our drive we saw so much wildlife; many types of birds and lots and lots of alligators.
We stopped at the Shark Valley National Park to take it all in.  There were literally alligators EVERYWHERE.  Funny thing is that when we first drove into the park we passed so many along the road (which small children were walking right past) that we thought they might not be real.  Well it didn't take long for us to realize they indeed were real and alive. 
We took a boat cruise tour that was a great way to see the Miami skyline, Star Island, Miami Seaport, as well as the Miami Cruise Port.

 We also drove down the the Florida Keys to Key Largo.  It would have been nice to make it all the way out to Key West but we decided the two plus hour drive from Key Largo to Key West wasn't really feasible for our timeline.

Seeing Alabama defeat Notre Dame was the highlight of the trip!  Roll Tide Roll!! 


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